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We have created this society… not each one of us but our past generations.. we have.. those and us have created this present immoral and destructive society… and we’re trapped by that society… that society is made by each one of us so we are responsible for that society.

Whether, it is possible.. not to change society but, is it possible to radically , deeply, transform our conditioning.. What is.. understand deeply our consciousness.. what we are.. is it possible to transform.., not into something , but to change, bring about a mutation in the very structure and nature of our consciousness..

That is the problem, that is the crises… it’s not political crises, economic crises or the crises of war… but the crises is in ourselves and we’re appearantly can not face that crises.. or unwillingly to face it and so we try to escape from that fact through various forms of entertainment , religious , political , football and all the rest of it..

Also , as we have seen yesterday morning, (it’s an excerpt of the second ojai talk 1982) the content of our consciousness… the content being , what you think , what you feel , your reactions.. , your longings , your despairs , your pleasures , your depressions , your faith , your dogma’s , your sorrow , your beliefs , your desperate loneliness and the fear of ultimate death , that all is your consciousness , that’s what you are.. and we are asking… can we end the content ?

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